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About us

Hello and welcome from all us at Beautiful dinosaur , you've clicked on 'About us' which means you're in for a long (ish) but hopefully interesting story.

It all started when Janette was pregnant with our first baby girl named Bea. To pass the time and focus her excitement janette began crocheting hats & toys ready for our new arrival with the first of these little cute toys being a tiny green crochet dinosaur.

Unfortunately late one spring evening our world came crashing down when our beautiful girl Bea arrived sleeping. This was a life changing moment for us but we want to share what the future held for us and how many positive things Bea encouraged us to do.

So this brings us onto our name 'Beautiful dinosaur' well it actually started as bea-utiful but has evolved over the years. Its all a big thankyou to our little girl and that tiny green dinosaur she never got to hold.

Right so we have a little back story, we can tell you what we do. It started with Janette working on her own and making everything by hand, answering emails, posting, social media....EVERYTHING! Mike helped all he could but as a full time chef he didn't always have the time or energy. So after 2 years he left his job as a head chef and joined Janette full time, so its fast becoming a little family business.

All our clothes are designed and made with playing and fun in mind, we're strong believers in letting kids be kids. So for us the bolder the better and the comfier the better.

We've come a long way but we've got a long fun way to go yet!

Thankyou for letting us share our story and we hope you love what we do as much as we love doing it.

Janette, Mike and all the team x